Testimonials about David's Dog Training



Your suggestions were really helpful and I am practicing them with her for short periods every day.  I especially appreciated that you gave me several options for ways to change her behavior and I was able to choose methods that seemed most suited for me and for my dog.  As you said, each dog is different and we have to adopt methods to the individual dog.  This approach seems so much more sensible to me than the dogmatic "do it my way only" approach of some trainers.  Thanks also for your patience.  You saw the training session through to a good result.  Your recommendations for dog products and dog care are much appreciated.  The demonstrations you gave about how to control Amber from jumping up on people were more informative than anything I have read or any training videos I have viewed.  Thanks again. 

.....Joan G. - Bayside, NY




I have a year-old miniature poodle.  David was wonderful with him.  Benji loved seeing him and David got him to sit, stay and drop anything Benji picked up (like my shoe). Benji is much better since I had David to help train him.  David also gave me tips to stop his barking and his nipping my ankles.  I can't thank him enough.

.....Maxine V. - Lido Beach, NY




David is a great trainer.  He helped me and my puppy get the help we needed.  I would definitely recommend him.   A++ all the way. 

.....Simon B. - Flushing, NY




David - when my dog's breeder recommended you, figured you would be good, but I was surprised at how well it all went.  Sophie and I are doing great - heel, sit, stay, down, come - she does it all.  I've had a few people say to me -- "looks like she's been trained."  Thanks again for everything:  you were great. 

.....Eric F. - NYC