Dog & Puppy Training Services in Bayside, Whitestone & Surrounding Areas

 I offer the following private training programs, scheduled at your convenience:

Puppy Kindergarten
For puppies 5-1/2 months and younger

This important program includes all the essential tools you will need to raise a happy, healthy, confident and well-mannered dog.  Covered in this program:  housetraining; socialization, stopping unwanted behaviors such as play nipping, chewing and jumping up on you and your guests; beginning basic obedience; and puppy-proofing your home for the safety of your dog.  Your dog will also learn the important leave-it and drop-it commands.

Duration:  (6) 1-hour lessons


Obedience Training
For dogs older than 5-1/2 months

Basic (on-leash) and Advanced (off-leash) obedience lessons are available.  Your dog will learn to walk on a loose leash without pulling (heel or let's walk), the word(s) no or eh eh and ok, sit, automatic sit, stay, down and come on command.  Problematic behaviors, such as jumping, chewing and barking can be addressed.  The program is tailored to meet you and your dogs needs.

Duration:  (6) 1-hour lessons


For puppies or adult dogs

There are a few common methods of getting your dog to eliminate where you want.  The most common (and I feel the easiest, quickest and best) method is through crate training.  Is your dog eliminating in his or her crate or in inappropriate places throughout your home?  No need to worry, David will provide you with a housetraining schedule that fulfills your dog's needs, fits into your lifestyle and eliminates the mess.



Has your dog gone through obedience training in the past and gotten a little rusty?  David will evaluate you and your dog together and give specific advice for any problem(s) you may be having. 


Personal Dog Training

The ideal program for busy owners who want their dog trained at home or other designated location, but who do not have the time to participate in lessons and practice with their dog.  David will train your dog and when the training is complete, he will provide follow-up lessons so that you understand how to work with your trained dog. 


Behavior Modification

Obedience training is the foundation for eliminating or reducing unwanted dog behaviors.  However, sometimes just a lesson or two with a professional trainer is all that is needed.  This program is for owners who are having specific problems with their dog, such as...

Territorial or Possessive
Over food, objects, toys, etc.

Potty Training Issues
Elimination inside the house

Shyness or Anxiety
Separation anxiety, noise,/sound phobias, shy around people or dogs

Inappropriate Behavior
Counter surfing, excessive barking; jumps on you, your guests or your furniture

Digs up the yard or chews valued possessions

From deciding on the breed or puppy or adult dog that's best suited for your lifestyle to temperament testing a puppy prior to purchasing to how best to introduce and welcome your new bundle of joy to the rest of your family, I can help.  This includes other pets as well as babies and children.  Having your home puppy/dog proofed prior to your new arrival will ease the transition for the entire family - dog included.  Once in your home, I can address any behavior issues or concerns you may have.  Proper training equipment, toys, treats, etc. can also be addressed. 

A proper obedience and training program is the foundation of good behavior in dogs.  Without this, dogs may become unruly or out of control and can end up either in the streets or in animal shelters which normally only leads to more behavior problems that are more difficult to correct.  Most dogs want to please their owners and by instilling a solid basic obedience and training program, dogs are happier and healthier - and so are their owners.